Erik DeBat (b., 1971, Chicago, IL.)

Erik DeBat's high-energy artwork goes beyond the street and is influenced by Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.  Combining the wit and sensibility of American abstract pop artists with the landscape of life and urban culture; DeBat uses the rhythms and symmetries of his own environment to articulate a visual dialogue.  Grounded in popular culture and social commentary he uses a multi-disciplinary approach to painting, sculpture, and installation. Ideas are conceived out of his memories and personal nostalgia of life experience.  DeBat is inspired by the energies of the city streets and realism found in the everyday.  Through appropriation of found objects, he manifests, records and contemplates satire in the American icon.

The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, 1991 - 1993
American Academy of Art, 1990 -1991